Native gardening in Edmonton is a relatively new trend of planting only those trees, bushes, and flower-bearing plants that thrived in Alberta before the French and European colonization. When the new race came up to live in these beautiful prairies, they brought themselves, language, culture, fashion, food and even plants. Even though you could see the global plant species in the botanical garden of the University of Alberta, keeping a foreign species as an ornament of your house demands great care and attention. For some species, the plant needs to have a greenhouse around to have the optimal growing conditions.

    On the other hand, the native plants in Edmonton are still best suited to the region’s climate and provide an optimal habitat for the local animals and insects. They do not need any artificial temperature and greenhouses to thrive. They grow with very fewer resources, attention and doesn’t get infected mostly as the other transported species do.

    Here are five native plants to consider while looking to decorate your gardens with:

    Lodgepole Pine

    The state of Alberta’s national tree, the Lodgepole Pine is an iconic part of the provincial history. The tall tree grows to an average of 24 meters and stays evergreen. The trunk is not so thick, but it will surely grow enough leaves to protect your home from sun and wind all year. Plus it also provides a home to small birdies.

    White Spruce

    The white spruce is another commonly knows plant or the Christmas tree, shares its appearance with the Lodgepole Pine. It’s also an evergreen plant that produces pinecones to carry its seeds. You could find this tree in markets in abundance for the Christmas decorations and also in the wild being their bark chewed by black bears.

    Aspen Poplar

    The Aspen Poplar is another native Edmonton species known for its fluttering leaves in even the lightest breeze. The rustle they create is so satisfying and compliments the winter season when you don’t find birds chirping around. Unlike the pine or spruce, the plant’s appearance changes with the seasons. Male and female trees also offer contrasting flowers colors to amaze the eye.

    Red raspberry, blueberry, and low bush cranberry bushes

    Berry bushes are always excellent choices for the gardens, and all these are native to Alberta. These fresh berries not only look amazing on the plant but also provides an excellent mouthwatering experience for those who taste them for the first time. While growing berry bushes in the gardens, you can save money and have the best homemade pies, jams, and jellies.

    Labrador Tea

    This bush produces a beautiful white flower that has been used mostly by the Inuit people as herbal tea. As it refreshes you insides, the excess can actually be toxic. You need a little knowledge for this to grow for its medicinal uses. But even for aesthetics, the white flowers look mesmerizing. 

    Creating the perfect native garden might take some time and effort, but if you plan carefully, a little effort will produce a beautiful result.

    You can even contact Arbor-All Tree Care for the expert advice about these plants and how to create yourself a native Edmonton garden.