Tree pruning and tree removal might look a simple task which could be done by anyone. However, it takes a lot of knowledge, time and effort for homeowners to educate them on the subjects. One cannot become a highly-skilled arborist overnight by even learning bits on tree care service. And another thing that is to be considered is not all the Edmonton arborist are the same. For the past 25 years, Arbor-All Tree Care has been providing with tree removal and tree pruning services for the residents of Edmonton. Through time the experience has given us hope and proven to be a solid ground for us to expand our services for other tree care services.

    HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF before hiring an arborist in edmonton

    Majority of the customers want to find the most affordable or in other words, the cheapest tree service company, which, in our opinion, is a risky move to make. Companies who promises and promote themself as cheap tree care services are the ones with less knowledge, training, equipment, tools, insurance, WCB, etc. in short these companies has no or very little accountability when it comes to providing tree care services for customers. If anything goes wrong, are you sure they will come again to fix it again? Such tree care providers are mostly found on various advertising websites such as craigslist, Kijiji, etc.

    Another confusion among many customers is that they think skilled arborist and certified arborist are the same things. And hiring an arborist without any ISA certification can be disastrous for your garden and trees.

    Lastly, most of the customers assume that the larger the company better the service, this sort of thinking is nothing just an illusion many big franchise or companies have long waiting time and high rate of employment changes which directly affects the service that a company might be providing.

    WHAT CUSTOMERS SHOULD LOOK for before hiring tree care company in edmonton

    The most common asked question that we get asked by our customers is, “ Do you have the equipment and a bucket truck?” but we wish customers should as us, “ Do we have  Climber?”

    Being a climber is not an easy job; it might take more than a year to get yourself fully trained and comfortable with tree climbing. Tree climber here uses the conventional method and equipment for roping and rigging. With a bucket truck the job might be done but there are places in a tree which cannot be reached by a bucket truck, the drawback about bucket truck is any less experienced person could be sent but what if the bucket truck cant reach some parts of the tree? Then you would need a climber to complete the job.

    Main issues are finding an arborist with extreme climbing skills is very rare, here at Arbor-All Tree Care, we are doing tree care service for past 25 years, we have climber and also arborist who will fit in the criteria of our customers for their tree care service.

    Experience, Not Certificates

    The experienced crew plays an important role in any company, who would know where to make a cut, which tools should be used for perfect cuts, how much of the branch must be removed and in which way to remove the tree safely.

    Our pruners and tree removers have experience more than ten years in tree care service. Having a well experienced team makes the job more easy and safe; everyone works together, ensuring the safety of the public and our arborists.


    The Human Touch

    Not all the major part is played by the experience and skill of the crew, but their nature and attitude is a deciding moment for customers. How they interact with their fellow team member and customer plays an essential role in building values in a business. Over the past decade we have been receiving compliments and motivational comments from our customers, on a few occasions we also have been offered lunch, drinks by our customers.


    At Arbor-All Tree Care it would be very rare for us that something goes wrong, if it happens, it is because the trees can be unpredictable. Whenever we are hired for a tree care service, we try our best to minimize any type of risk. But still, with all the care and precautions taken, there might be small events such as, accidentally nicked the fence, spoiled a drain spout and damaged hedges. In such cases and events, our policy is to fix it at our own expense.

    Since it is an age of digital world any wrongdoings could result bad for our business, customers can look up our website report us on various forums and mostly can write bad reviews under the listings of google places.