Once a tree or shrub is pruned or removed, our tree chipping services in Edmonton will take care of all the removed limbs or tree via automated chipping machinery to make the disposal of the material more efficient and convenient. This service will clear your premises from the wooden waste to avoid any infestation and debris accumulation. Once the wood chipping process is completed, we can either put the husk into a storage compartment in your home or take it away entirely to dispose it out in the open.

    Upon receiving inquiries from clients regarding brush/tree chipping, a ballpark price can be given over the phone based on the type of tree that the client cut down and the number of trees that require chipping. If the client is interested in the price, a chipper truck will be dispatched to the property where they will provide the exact quote before completing the job. The machinery we utilize for bush chipping in Edmonton can facilitate limbs and trunks up to 20 inches in diameter.

    This chipped wood can be used within your property to get benefits. For instance, when it’s chipped, the wood chips will prevent any further infection among the plants. It also acts as a barrier to control soil erosion in places where it often rains. When used as mulch, it protects your favorite vegetation.