This service will offer the trimming of new growth to assist in the ornamental shaping of Hedges, Cedars, Junipers, and Mugil Pines. As these shrubs and hedges are typically grown to separate the living spaces from the garden as well as around the house boundaries, it is recommended that all ornamental tree/scrubs be maintained on an annual basis.

    To retain the attractive shape of these hedges and shrubs, our talented arborists may trim them to give various exciting forms. The trimming will be performed to provide them with a circular, square, and even triangular shapes to look attractive and well maintained. For a combined section of hedges and shrubs, we can shape them to represent a wall which looks seamless from all sides.

    The trimming not only helps to get the shape right but also to inspect for any early signs of infection. Green boundaries typically complement the mansions with driveways on both sides. And if you ever wonder who create such fantastic shapes out of them? The answer is Arbor –all tree care professionals.

    We have all the equipment needed to perform Hedge Trimming Service in Edmonton, safely and efficiently. For easy to access bushes, we use hedge shears or chainsaws to trim them in unusual shapes. Whereas, for heightened cedar trimming, we have pruning poles and step ladders. Our processes ensure that every removed part is beneficial for you and the plant.