Upon receiving inquiries from clients regarding stump grinding, a ballpark price can be given over the phone based on diameter of stump and number of stumps. If the client is interested in the price the stump grinder truck with be dispatched to the property where they will provide the exact quote prior to completing the job. The stump grinder will grind the stump 8-12” below ground level, the mulch from the stump will be left on site to fill the hole. If the clients request the mulch to be removed that will be done at an extra cost.

    The prices for Stump Removal Service in Edmonton are based on the diameter and the number of stumps. Usually, an individual is sent over to the location to measure and quote it. Once the client agrees, the stump grinder truck along with our team will be dispatched to the property to undertake the job. The machine will grind the stump 8-12 into small chips, and the mulch from that stump will be left on-site to fill the hole. If the clients require mulch removal, additional costs may be added to the job. It’s a great service to clear land for lawn and land management.